Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

A before and after picture of the floor.

Tile & grout cleaning can be tricky. Grout lines are porous like sponges. They absorb liquids, dirt, mildew, bacteria, cleaning chemical residue, and other contaminants. The most common cause of discolored grout is mopping. When you mop, you are using clean water the first time you put the mop into the water. Every time after that, the mop goes into water that is not clean, therefore you are now mopping with dirty water. If the liquid that is put onto the grout is clear, then the grout will return to the original color when it dries. If the any dark liquid with deep colors such as coffee, tea, or red wine, or Kool-Aid get on the grout, the grout will be stained. The longer the liquid sits, the deeper into the grout it will go and become permanent stains (not removable).

We clean with a high-pressure water and vacuum system which is great for removing embedded dirt, food, cleaning residue, etc. However, stains can be difficult if not impossible to be removed and therefore we can’t guarantee they will come out. Proper professional tile and grout cleaning will help you get more out of your tiled surfaces. We recommend sealing all tile and grout after cleaning.

We recommend having your grout and tile professionally cleaned every one to two years, depending on the amount of traffic your tiled surface is exposed to. Areas that require more sanitization, such as kitchen and bathrooms we recommend once a year.

There are several types of hard floor surfaces we are equipped to service. The most common tile is ceramic or porcelain. However, we are also equipped to service these hard flooring surfaces also, travertine, limestone, marble, slate, and bluestone.

We price tile and grout cleaning by the sq. ft. The prices start at $0.85 per sq. ft. The prices per sq. ft. depend on type of tile and the condition it is in. Sealer rates vary based on market cost. Call us we usually have a special to offer.

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