Preparations And Post Cleaning

How to prep for our services:

Pick all items up off the floor (including closets). We are there to clean the carpet not pick up/move items. Smaller furniture needs to be moved to an area we are not cleaning.

We will move anything 1 man can move, EXCEPT: antiques, breakables, electronics, beds, dressers, and armoires.

Move breakable from the areas we will clean.

Pinup, floor-length draperies, and bed/furniture skirts.

Turn A/C down to 68 degrees a couple of hours prior to our arrival (you want to create a cool dry environment for the carpet to dry in a timely matter).

Post Cleaning

Dry Time can range from 4-12 hours. Make it 68-70 degrees in the house and turn on ceiling fans. Be careful going from carpet to non-carpet flooring (slippery). Dry times can vary based on quality of carpet, air movement, and condition of carpet.

Spotters – Over the counter products are the worst things to use. What they do not lift, they have a tendency of setting the spot (may not be removable). They leave a residue that acts as a magnet for dirt or may cause browning. We suggest vinegar and water Only.

Wicking occurs when spots re-appear as the carpet dries. Damp carpet is pulling spot/spill/soil from the padding.

Browning is a brown/yellowish appearance as carpet dries. This is caused by several things: Slow drying-tightly woven carpet, high alkalinity (spotters used prior to our arrival), or extremely dirty carpet.

Filtration Lines are dark lines along walls, by doors that are kept shut and more. Their makeup is oily and the molecules of the soils are so small that cleaning/removing them from fibers is very difficult.

Pet Urine Treatment – When animals urinate on carpeting, it goes through the backing of the carpet and into the padding. When we clean the carpet that is what we are cleaning “the carpet” not the padding. The steam will penetrate and activate the urine smell. The smell should dissipate within a few days. If smell lingers, next step is to replace the saturated padding. We provide this service, just ask us for a quote for pad replacement.



We can give you a fairly close estimate over the phone depending on your description of the carpeted areas needing to be cleaned. We generally only need to know which rooms and their approximate size. However, if you know the dimensions of the rooms you want to be cleaned, it helps us calculate a more accurate price. We only charge for the areas we clean. Hall, stairs, baths, and closets are charged by their size, not as full rooms.
Most furniture can be estimated by phone if you know the fabric and can give an accurate description.

Usually, with Tile and Grout cleaning and with most Restretching and Repairs, we prefer to have our experienced technicians come out to evaluate, measure and quote on site. There are usually too many different variables for us to give an accurate quote over the phone.

Please call our friendly office staff or click on the button below for an estimate or to set an appointment for a written quote. If you have any questions about any of our services, please don't hesitate to call!

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