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We do more than just clean carpet, we provide several different repair services.

Re-stretching the carpet removes buckles, waves, bumps and ripples which usually occur as the carpet ages. Carpet backing can also become loose due to wear. The need for re-stretching depends on the quality of the carpet, how well it was installed, and how the carpet has been maintained. Dirty carpet wears faster, so regular vacuuming and cleaning is recommended.

Patching carpet is an easy fix for permanent stains, such as bleach spills, red spots, candle wax, gum, ink and burn marks. We will need extra carpet from the original installation or we can cut a small section from a closet if needed. The reason for this is because you want to match carpet from the same dye lot so the patch will not stand out as much. Keep in mind, carpet that is rarely walked on when used as a patch may still stand out.

Another service we provide is the transition from carpet to hard surface flooring. We can install tack strip, lay new padding, and patch or trim the carpet. We also repair torn or snagged carpet.

Call Brightway at 281-391-2224 to schedule a free estimate on any re-stretching or repairs.

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